Self-Care Kit

Self-Care Kit

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Receive this All-In-One Self Care Kit!

This kit offers a simple approach to Self-Care. Created to support your immune systems natural ability to combat viral infections.

What’s in the Kit? 50g Camphor leaves (crushed), stainless steel bowl, steaming hood & Divine Healer Salve

  • Camphor acts as a decongestant, relieving congestion. Wild- harvested Camphor
  • Steaming hood is made from 100% lightweight cotton, minimising claustrophobia. NATURALLY hand-dyed cotton, using seasonally sourced plant dyes, embracing natures colour palette. Hood size 50cm x 50cm.
  • Divine Healer Salve use as a natural nasal barrier to prevent germs, pollen, dust and other viruses from entering the nasal passage. Divine Healer Salve is first + aid in a jar. Read More


Why use Steam Therapy?

Steam dilates the blood vessels, supporting your body in clearing mucus and opens up airways,  relieving the upper respiratory tract of congestion and supporting blood circulation

Steam encourages better blood flow, relaxing throat muscles, alleviating sore throats.

Examples colds, blocked nasal passage.

How to use the Steam Inhalation Kit?   WATCH HERE


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    Pedré Jordaan

    Nature's Healers

    The all in one care kit !!
    Super easy to use, amazing products & best of all, it’s all natural !! 🌱

    July 5, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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