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Botanique Massage Bar

Botanique Massage Bar

(5 customer reviews)


Indulge with Botanique Massage Bar, a moisturising lotion bar enriched with botanical oils, chosen for their blood circulation abilities. A natural muscle relaxant helping to ease tension. Beeswax nourishing properties relieves dry skin.

What is a Botanique Massage Bar?                                                                                        It is a moisturising massage balm, which can be applied or massaged onto anywhere on the body. Botanique Massage Bar embodies natures inspiration through artistic expression and form. 100% hand-crafted.

Melts tension away                                                                                                          Infused with plant allies of Cape Snowbush a natural muscle relaxant, assists in relieving painful spasms in the muscles. Let the massage lotion bar melt away tension headaches, stiff shoulders, back ache and relieve sore feet. Gently work pressure points, whilst receiving skin nourishment.

Watch here & learn how to use the massage bar in massage-bodywork, the shape of the bar makes it a dual purpose, massage tool for:

Integrated body work

  • Supports lymphatic flow
  • Fascia release tension
  • Reduce hand fatigue/ carpal tunnel relief

A purposeful gift if your looking to impress! Or a pleasure tool for sensual massage with your partner.

Crafted in small batches to ensure the finest quality and integrity are created for you to experience


5 reviews for Botanique Massage Bar



Reviewed by 05 customer(s)

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  • Avatar

    Erna van Rhyn

    A wonder product! Love it

    I bought a massage bar to try out in my physiotherapy practice and I love it! I used many different products for massaging before, but the results I get from the Lulubee massage bar is absolutely amazing! It does wonders for muscle spasm and pain. I was extremely expressed by the immediate results when I used it on a patient’s foot after foot surgery. The swelling visibly reduced while I was using it and I could see the circulation improving. The patient could feel immediate relief of pain and stiffness. The lovely smell of the product enhanced the overall feeling of relaxation. I also love the smoothness and moisture of the bar which imprves the effectiveness of massaging oppose to oils. On top of this, Lulubee offer excellent customer care. I live in Pretoria and received my online order within 2 days!

    June 9, 2023
  • Avatar

    Lisa Welsh

    This is an absolute treat!

    I adore this massage bar! It is perfect for a relaxing date night, and also for self massage. It looks beautiful and smells divine. Plus the ingredients melt into to skin leaving you feeling moisturised and supple. I can highly recommend!

    July 15, 2022
  • Avatar

    Caitlin Daniel

    My favourite! Lulubee massage bar

    First time being handed a Lulubee product, I fell in love instantly and have never looked back since. Lulubee is a brand that believes in zero waste products and appreciates the healing properties nature has to offer us.
    I have used their lip balm to stop the dryness on my lips from constantly being in the sun, which has helped me tremendously. My favourite has to be the Lulubee massage bar. It helps relax and soothe my muscles after a long day at work. Especially the tension found in my shoulder and feet area.
    This also just helps me to unwind before climbing in to bed and aiding in a peaceful nights sleep.
    I love that Lulubee’s products can be used for a range of many different things, thus making it practical and convenient for everyday use!

    You wont be let down by Lulubee and their awe-inspiring sustainable products xxx

    January 14, 2022
  • Avatar

    Alice Leah

    Clever Massage Bar

    I spotted this clever little Lulubee product at the annual Christmas Fair at Collisheen Estate a few weeks ago. It’s a silky smooth massage bar, similar to a soap bar(but its not a soap),it is super nourishing and moisturising, as it is made from beeswax. It is great for lymph drainage massage, and the tip Lulu gave was to always massage in an upwards, sweeping motion. I have found it to be great for sore arms and legs, especially for my sore, tender bursitis.

    December 20, 2021
  • Avatar

    Pedré Jordaan


    The perfect spoil yourself gift !! 🐝

    July 5, 2021
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