Reusable Beeswax Bread Wrap

Reusable Beeswax Bread Wrap

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You can wrap that tasty loaf of bread in a Beeswax Bread Wrap! Homemade or a store bought loaf loves our XLarge Beeswax Wrap.  This wrap will keep your bread fresher, and the best part, no more plastic! You can even cover a large salad bowl, casserole dish, water melon or pumpkin. How about using your Bread Wrap as a “Couche” to proof dough and baked goods.

We offer a natural food storage alternative to plastic wrap. Lulubee Beeswax  Bread Wrap is plant-based hand dyed utilising natures colour palette. They are made from 100% cotton, plant-based dyes, beeswax, tree resin & carrier oil.

1 X Large 50 x 55cm: wrap a loaf of bread, cover a large bowl or a dish.

Made from 100% cotton, plant-based dyes, beeswax, tree resin & carrier oil.

“We used Lulubee bread wraps in the bakery for a few weeks to see how user friendly they are when wrapping different shaped loaves. The pliable nature of the bees’ wax allows for very easy wrapping, and allows for a built in sealing mechanism when simply holding the folds together for a few seconds. It was wonderful to use a product and know that one is not using plastic to wrap the bread over a few days of home use. Breads need to breathe in between being eaten.” The Glenwood Bakery



4 reviews for Reusable Beeswax Bread Wrap



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    Marianthe Smart

    Amazing wrap!

    I use this wrap every day to store my bread loaf. It keeps bread fresher for longer and I find it much more pliable than other wax wraps I’ve bought. It’s the best wax wrap I’ve ever used!

    March 2, 2022
    Verified Purchase
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    Wilma Griessel

    Loved this product

    The breadwrap is totally fantastic. It keeps my loafs fresh and soft for over a week! Thank you for this amazing product!

    December 15, 2021
    Verified Purchase
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    Narene Stevens

    Soft & fresh sourdough

    The breadwrap is fantastic. It keeps my big sourdough loaf fresh and soft for over a week!

    August 21, 2021
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    Gina Lopes

    So easy to use and a good size

    This was my second time purchasing the beeswax wraps. This loaf wrap is a great size and fits most loaf sizes. I actually make tear and eat breadrolls in my XL air fryer and the shape of the rolls coming out of the air fryer fit perfectly in this wrap too. Definitely will be repurchasing and good for the environment too.

    June 9, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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