Camphor leave in cupped hands, camphor medicinal uses
Harnessing nature’s healing ability, is at our finger tips. A natural resource like camphor where the benefits and uses are endless, deserves to be gathered and experienced first hand.

Whenever I harvest camphor her aromatic fragrance, transports me to a place where the air is clean, fresh and plentiful. Who wouldn’t welcome clean air after all the recent masking up that we are doing? Continually breathing our own carbon dioxide.

Now I know that the latin name Cinnamonus camphora (Camphor) is a mouth full, even for a plant forager like me. However the botanical name is unique to a specific plant, if you intend on gathering, growing or procuring camphor, identification through the botanical name is essential.

Group of camphor trees, 25-30 meters in height
Group of camphor trees 25-30 meters in height


This evergreen tree, with glossy dark green leaves, aid in self healing. Camphor medicinal uses can found in the bark, stem and leaves. Camphor has the ability to soothe and support overall health and well-being.

Skin, hair and body can all benefit from various camphor preparations. This plant ally helps to relieve inflammation and skin irritants. She has an incredible history of medicine behind her. Temples in India burn camphor for religious rituals and cleansing, ancient Egyptians made use of camphor in the mummification process. In the 1300 hundreds camphor was used as a natural fumigant during the black plaque. Camphor proves to be a medicinal herb used in multiple ways.

Camphor features as one of the active plant ingredients in our Divine Healer Salve, we use the leaves and stems to make a camphor herbal infusion, prepared slowly and gently, with much care to ensure that the plants’ properties are uncompromised. The process results in a herb infused oil enriched with the minerals and nutrients of the camphor plant.

Divine Healer Salve taken out of first aid kit and applied to leg
First + Aid in a Jar

Steam Therapy for lungs

As children my brother and I used to suffer from croup. A condition which affects the upper airways, causing them to swell. I remember my mum making a camphor infusion with hot water, which eased and relaxed my sinuses and lowered my anxiety, as a result of not being able to breathe properly

Use camphor in steam therapy as a decongestant to aid in clearing the nose, throat and lungs. What is steam therapy?

It involves inhaling warm, moist air into the lungs. Combining steam therapy with herbs like camphor, helps to soothe the throat muscles, loosening up mucus. Learn more about our Steam Inhalation Kit and watch our how to use video.

Now in my adult life, I have continued to use this method of steaming for
face cleansing, clearing up congestion and bringing about overall relaxation.

Harnessing nature’s healing ability, is at all of our finger tips. Camphor medicinal uses are endless, a natural resource which should be gathered and experienced first hand. 

Freshly foraged camphor leave in cupped hands
Freshly foraged camphor leaves

Invasive Plant

If you choose to plant camphor, a note of care. Be aware that camphor falls under category 1 of the invasive species act of Southern Africa, if you are not based in this part of the world, then the act will not apply. An invasive plant is a plant species that can spread rapidly, and grow out of control. Camphor is not indigenous to South Africa and can in turn have a negative impact on the indigenous plant species and wildlife.

We have a responsibility to manage the camphor plant, as it grows on the land within our home range of Giba Gorge, environmental precinct.  We harvest the plant by removing the new young saplings, this practice enables us to use the whole plant for its benefits, without wastage and aids in managing its invasive spread. 

froglossy, green front view of camphor leaves & back view of camphor leaves, turquoise in colour with veins
Contrasting colours of the front & back view of camphor leaves.


Why not surround yourself with this healing plant. Connecting with camphor medicinal uses, by adding this plant to your surroundings can support your self-care journey. This is just the start of the many Plant Talk’s to come, that I will share.

At Lulubee we harness nature’s healing ability in our skin- health preparations and offer products that are naturally wholesome and true to their origins. Resonate with our ethos?  Join my newsletter to keep in touch and learn more about our offerings.



Camphor herbal infusion

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